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steve sironi - 2-18-2020 - display.jpg

Life as Art



The world is not simple; it’s very complicated. Beautiful, dirty, contrasting, invigorating, confrontational, and sometimes underwhelming in its predictability. People can mingle, yet be alone and oblivious, no longer interested in seeing. Walking with friends, enjoying a back and forth, blind to all that surrounds them.


Old buildings next to new. High-rises casting shadows over historical landmarks. Is it beautiful? The play of light against dark, ornate versus geometric. People, powerful and important, small and inconsequential. All merely pieces to be placed.

Born and raised just south of Boston, Steve came of age in an artistic era of experimentation, discovery, and turmoil. With a degree in fine arts from UMass Amherst, Steve has lived a life full of creativity and artistic expression. Steve currently resides in central Ohio. He spends his days painting, playing music, and playing pickle ball & golf.

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